How to Get the Most Out of Homescapes

Whether you’re a newcomer to Homescapes or a seasoned veteran, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of this popular match-3 game. The game offers more than 8770 levels and 10 mini-games, and it has received a lot of positive reviews. To maximize your chances of enjoying this game, there are a few simple tips you can follow to maximize your enjoyment. These tips will help you get the most out of Homescapes while improving your skills and revenue. 8770 match-3 levels This popular match-3 game combines the gameplay of a traditional match-3 puzzle game with the narrative of a visual novel. Developed over an 18-month period, Homescapes features three protagonists and over thirty supporting characters. As you complete different levels, you’ll receive letters from old friends and unlock new chapters of the story. There are over 8770 levels and 10 mini-games, and Homescapes has been updated frequently since its initial release. This version now includes recurring bonus events. Similar to Gardenscapes, Homescapes is a puzzle game that blends a traditional match-3 core with a variety of meta-game elements. It also follows the same protagonist, Austin, as you try to repair and renovate his childhood mansion. As you play, you’ll earn in-game currency that you can use to purchase power-ups and liveops. The game’s events have proven to be very popular, and players have enjoyed them. 10 mini-games The game Homescapes is a popular match-three puzzle game with a large amount of content. In April 2020, Playrix will add 10 mini-games to its game. This is a welcome change for the game, which was criticized for its misleading advertisements. Originally, mini-games were only featured in the ads after you completed 20 levels, which led many players to stop playing after a few levels. However, the developers are changing the game to place mini-games closer to the beginning of the game. Players will be able to join teams in the game once they reach level 38. Teams offer players free lives, team events, and chat. This system is similar to that of guilds in other games, and is becoming increasingly popular in casual games. Players will be able to enter their names after they reach level one, but after reaching level 20 they will be able to access the pin puzzles. Players will also be able to name their family cat, which helps them find its way home. Revenue According to Sensor Tower’s latest report, Homescapes has crossed the $1 billion mark for lifetime gross revenue. The game was launched by Russian studio Playrix in 2017 and has amassed 223 million downloads. The US accounted for $441 million of that revenue and has the second largest market, followed by Japan and Germany. In February 2019, Homescapes was outpacing Gardenscapes in terms of downloads
and lifetime gross revenue. The monetization strategy of Homescapes is similar to that of Gardenscapes, with the game being built around in-app purchases and a match-3 board. Recently, the game added a subscription option, which is highly relevant to its monetization strategy. Homescapes also only has a single currency, which is also indicative of the game’s focus on monetization. Hence, the game’s developers did not need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they have adapted and refined their approach to keep the game thriving and profitable. Retention Homescapes retention is impressive. As a casual game, it retains 44% of new players after just one day. Most other games have retention rates between half and thirty percent, and Homescapes has a rate of 44% after a week. After a month, retention rises to 94%. That’s much higher than the average casual game’s retention rate, which is only 13 percent. Nevertheless, there are some factors that might help drive Homescapes retention. One of the biggest reasons for Homescapes’ high retention is its innovative marketing strategy. Its innovative monetization strategy helps the company reach new players while retaining old ones. Homescapes’ creatives are not just good, but they also engage new users. Despite the game’s success, the developers have made sure to make it even better. The game’s unique advertising strategy has helped the company to stand out in an extremely competitive industry. Ads There is an unsettling trend among mobile games: the developers use questionable practices to promote their products and lure in more users. One of the most recent examples is the Homescapes ads, which have been discredited by users after being shown to be misleading. These ads show screenshots of the game that do not actually represent the actual game. However, the developers have maintained that they are showing only mini-games and the advertisements are only to boost the game’s visibility. These practices are harmful and can lead to a drop in the number of players, as well as lower user retention. The new Homescapes ads are striking for many reasons. They incorporate puzzles, decoration elements, and a three-dimensional element, which makes them stand out from previous ads. These ads are a departure from the Move-the-Pin style, which has been running for a few years. This style of advertisement was copied by many publishers, resulting in a problem known as ad fatigue. Unlike the original Homescapes advert, the ads in the new version take a different approach. The ads also offer players the option of completing mini-games within the game.