Boom Beach Flamethrowers – Taking the Battle to Your Opponents

Boom Beach Flamethrowers – Taking
the Battle to Your Opponents

When you want to take the battle to your opponents, you’ll want to arm yourself with
a few powerful weapons. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can use a Rocket

Launcher, Machine Gun, Mortar, and Sniper Tower. All of these weapons can make

your opponents pay, but you should use them wisely. There are several advantages
to using these weapons, and you should know about them so that you can protect

Rocket Launcher

If you want to be the most powerful player on the game, you should upgrade your
Rocket Launcher. At level 7, you can upgrade it to have a laser sight on the top. This
will increase its damage and give you more health. The rockets will also have the

same appearance as the Barrage projectiles. Level 13 will give you a new Rocket

Launcher that does even more damage. You can upgrade this weapon to become
even more powerful by acquiring more levels.
A Rocket Launcher for Flamethrowers is an excellent weapon for defense against
tanks. While they are not terribly effective unless they are in close range of each
other, they can be a great advantage when it comes to defending your base.
Remember to always stay within firing range of your enemies if you want to have a

high chance of winning. Positioning is also vital to surviving an attack. Using the
proper troop combinations and tactics can have a massive impact on your

Machine Gun

The Machine Gun is a heavy weapon that combines both firepower and speed to
annihilate opponents. The weapon’s frontal shield is now green and its barrel loses
its ridged pattern. The frontal shield has also been reinforced, and the back handles
are now farther apart. As a level-up, the Machine Gun’s base is larger, with
reinforced handles and sandbags around its perimeter. The machine gun also gains
a larger frontal shield, and two ammo belts on the back.
The Flamethrower is the fifth defensive building in Boom Beach. It is available on the

ninth level of the Headquarters, and its damage is relatively high. When used
effectively, it can attack multiple enemies at one time and lasts for 5 seconds.
Flamethrowers are weak against Tanks, Zooka, and Grenadiers, but they’re
particularly effective on the shoreline and near the Headquarters. However, it’s still
best used in a squad when the objective is to take out the strongest enemy.


If you’re playing the popular MMO Boom Beach, you’ve probably already heard about
the Mortar. While they are relatively small, their power and range make them a

serious threat in the sandbox mode. These weapons can be used by players to

destroy structures, reclaim treasure, and reclaim gold. But you can do so much
more, as you can also craft secret tanks, each of which features a different
experimental weapon. These tanks can pierce multiple buildings at once, but have a
low firing speed.
The first level of the Mortar grants it its name, and it is a long-ranged weapon that is
good at destroying enemy groups. A level seven mortar adds reinforcement to the
barrel, hinge, and cogwheel, making it stronger and able to deal out more damage. It
also becomes thicker and more durable, with three steel rods between the existing
ones. This level is the first to grant you the ability to equip a Super Mortar, which is
even more powerful than the normal version.

Sniper Tower

After you have built and upgraded your Sniper Tower, you can then move the sniper
to another location in the map. The Sniper Tower is the most popular structure in the
Boom Beach map. You can move it anywhere on the map, even in the middle of the
map. You can also use it to scout for targets, but you cannot do it from inside the
tower. The Sniper Tower is a powerful structure, so you should upgrade it to
withstand attack.
The Sniper in the Sniper Tower can shoot down enemy attackers. The Sniper can
deal good damage with his long range rifle. You should be careful when placing the
Sniper Tower in a map, because a single Shock Bomb can stun it. It’s best to place it
far enough apart from the other towers so that it’s hard for the enemy to reach the
Sniper tower.

Smoke Screen

The Smoke Screen for Flamethrowers is a Gunboat Weaponry item. It has the ability
to cover troops and other units. They are particularly useful in situations where they
are about to advance to a dangerous area, such as a Cannon or a Tank. These items
can also be dropped onto Troops that are trying to flee. If used properly, Smoke
Screens can prevent a lot of damage while they protect your troops.
While the Smoke Screen is useful for preventing zookas from wandering, it can also
be risky. You should place your first smoke in the formation and space the others
later. However, you must keep in mind that zookas are fragile and slow. You can lose
your smoke screen if you miss your target. Using smoke screens is a great strategy
for preventing your opponents from attacking you and your base.