Real Boxing 2 Review

When I played Real Boxing 2, I loved how the game rewards you for landing combos. This game allows you to weave between shots, keeping your opponent off-guard while you take the next shot. When your next attack lands, your combo counter resumes. This is an excellent way to increase your score! If you’re looking for the ultimate fighting experience, look no further! The reviews below will help you choose the right game for you!


If you are fond of boxing games, you will probably love the 3D graphics and dynamic gameplay of Real Boxing 2. With hundreds of unique looks, characters, and music, the game is sure to give you a ‘feeling’ of being in the ring. With Real Boxing 2, you will be able to customize your pro boxer and compete against other famous boxers. You can even play with friends online!

Compared to other fighting games, Real Boxing 2 offers an excellent experience for those looking for a new experience. The game features a unique range dynamic which separates it from other mobile boxing games. While most mobile games keep the player “in the pocket,” Real Boxing 2 introduces new concepts such as infighting and outboxing. In addition, the game allows players to sidestep and backpedal.


The controls in Real Boxing 2 are quite simple to learn, and the game is gesture based. The game features two gauges, one for stamina, and the other for health. Players must balance the game’s fluidity and realism by playing defensively. The controls in Real Boxing 2 are easy to use, even for those who are not boxing enthusiasts. We will cover the controls in this article.

There are many game modes in Real Boxing 2. There are story modes, which follow the journey of a character to the top of the sport. There are also quick matches for players of different skill levels. Finally, Real Boxing 2 offers online multiplayer. For the true boxing fan, there is no better way to experience the game than by tackling your opponent online! With a game like this, you’ll never feel alone – you’ll be able to connect with other players around the world, allowing you to challenge other people to a real fight!


The visuals in Real Boxing 2 are surprisingly good for a mobile game, but the gameplay is far from stellar. The game’s Unreal Engine is comparable to that of PC games, with smooth animation and eye-catching explosions. You’ll be able to experience realistic injuries and emotions as you compete in the ring. You can also use your finger to hit buttons and strike opponents. The only issue with the visuals is that the game looks janky in docked mode.

Real Boxing 2 uses Unreal Engine 4 to produce its realistic visuals, as well as its impressive motion controls. The game also uses gesture-based controls, which feel more realistic than on-screen buttons. Unfortunately, developers have canned motion-sensor controls, such as those found in Wii Sports. The game is still free to play, but there will be a beta available to VIP Club members before the official launch.

Career mode

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding boxing experience, consider playing the Real Boxing 2 game’s career mode. Career mode is an excellent way to level up your fighter, develop your fighter stats, and unlock new box abilities. This is the perfect way to become the next great boxer! But be warned! The game is violent! The game’s loud crowd cheers and slow-motion screen make this game no place for weak souls!

To keep yourself motivated and moving forward, you’ll find that there are numerous tasks to complete and lots of rewards to collect. The game features a lottery that awards prizes based on your skill, experience points, and other factors. You’ll also be able to purchase new fighters, cards, and apparel. As you progress, you’ll earn more diamonds! The more diamonds you have, the more upgrades you can unlock!


The first step in mastering your game is learning how to use your combos in Real Boxing 2. While there are many other ways to get better at fighting in this action-packed simulation, clinching is one of the most effective. This defensive technique involves a pair of fit men “hugging” each other and serves special tactical purposes. Combos in Real Boxing 2 are implemented by pressing the “clinch” button once your active life bar reaches 20%.

You’ll want to learn how to make the best combinations in Real Boxing 2. Combos can make you more powerful than ever before! This fighting game allows you to use combos to punish an opponent for poor decision-making. You can also use body shots to force an opponent’s guard and connect hooks. To perfect your combos, make sure to practice them on your opponents with as many combos as possible.


The first thing you need to know about Real Boxing 2 upgrades is that you cannot get them by simply spending money. As a fighter, you must improve your skills to become more powerful and to be able to dodge attacks. You can also buy a wide variety of gear. Once you’ve earned enough money, you can upgrade your character and level up. You can also get these items from competitions and win rewards.

Real Boxing 2 also offers a variety of game modes. Each mode offers exciting gameplay. The story mode allows you to follow a character’s rise to fame and glory and features multiple opponents. You can also compete in various competitions and play classic quick matches, with adjustable difficulty. And because the game is available online, you can play with up to eight people at the same time. You can even fight other players on the same console!