Match Masters free gifts — daily links for January 2023




Match Masters free gifts Today

  1. Free perks

Match Masters free gifts January 1

  1. Free Sticker
  2. Free Perks
  3. Free spin
  4. On Fire

Match Masters free gifts December 31

  1. On Fire 1H
  2. Free Diamond Booster
  3. Free Spin
  4. Free 2 Spins
  5. Free Coins
  6. Free Booster

Match Masters free gifts December 30

  1. Free Booster
  2. Free Perks
  3. On Fire

Match Masters free gifts December 29

  1. On Fire 30M
  2. Free Coins
  3. On Fire 30M
  4. On Fire 1H
  5. Free Sticker

Match Masters free gifts December 28

  1. Free Coins
  2. Free 2 Spins
  3. On Fire 30M
  4. Free Coins
  5. Free Sticker
  6. On Fire
  7. Daily Lucky spin

    Every day, you will get the opportunity to spin the Lucky Wheel to test your luck and get something in return.

    Social media giveaways

    Collect stickers

    As you play through the game, you will periodically receive stickers that can be used in Albums to create sets of them. Once you complete a set, you will get a substantial bonus.

    Participate in events

    Match Makers features many different events from time to time that you can participate in. They are usually comprised of interesting games that promise some pretty great rewards. With a bit of skill, you can cash out here.

    Refer a friend

    Inviting your friends to start playing Match Masters will give you 10 gifts. The more people you refer to the game and the higher your acceptance score gets, the better the rewards are.

    Play in tournaments

    Once you get into a tournament, you will get pitted against other players to see who is better, and winning/achieving a high standing in the tournament will give you even more rewards.

    Watch their ads

    While ads can be a regular annoyance when you’re playing other games, the ads in Match Masters actually have a purpose. Watching these ads will give you rewards every time you watch them, and all you have to do is watch a 30-second video. Can’t get simpler than that!