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The controls of Despotism 3K are not terribly complex. The game features several
modes, each with various modifiers and events to accomplish. What makes it unique
is the sense of accomplishment that comes from progressing. It is also visually
appealing and features retro design. If you’re looking for a fun indie game,
Despotism 3K is the right choice. If you’re a fan of retro games, you’ll definitely love
this title.

RNG is too overbearing

Despite its addictive gameplay, Despotism 3k’s reliance on random number
generation feels too overbearing. The game’s daily scenarios feature three choices,
each with varying effects on the game world. Some give bonuses, while others result
in permanent facility malfunctions or even the utter end of civilization. The game’s
wacky sense of humour is a bright spot, but the game’s RNG is too overbearing and
Although the game is a roguelike, Despotism offers the best management
mechanics in a post-apocalyptic setting. The emphasis is on managing human
fleshbags and competing demands with limited resources. Despotism 3k’s humour,
sourced from pop culture, elevates the game’s moment-to-moment gameplay.

It feels unfair

Being a despot in Despotism 3K is a bit of a drag. The game is built on resource
management and trial-and-error choices, and it can be frustrating at times.
Nonetheless, it’s a unique and hysterically mean-spirited experience. It’s also fun to
watch your AI appease a higher being, and that’s a nice touch.
Despotism 3K is a rouge-like resource management game. It includes two
campaigns and an Endless mode with a lot of random events. You can complete
achievements, which require you to acquire specific chips. The game’s difficulty
curve isn’t linear, but it’s certainly not difficult. Players who aren’t accustomed to
RNG may find it tough to master the game.

It has a retro look

Playing Despotism 3k has a few things in common with its original version. It is a 2D
resource management game, and its emphasis is on controlling the limited
resources available while managing weak humans. Besides the retro look and feel,
the game is also fun to play, thanks to its humour and text dialogue. As a result, it is
easy to fall in love with it.
The game is free for seven days, so you can try it out before you decide whether to
purchase it. Despite the retro look, the game features a darker tone than the original
version. The game also contains a great deal of dark humor and resource
management. If you are into retro games, you should definitely check out Despotism
3K. It’s a great indie game for anyone who likes retro-styled games.

It has a creative humour

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